FALL 2017

Inspired by the raw and fierce character of Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City", TPE’s Capsule 02 pays tribute to all modern working women who truly believe they have it all and wouldn’t mind baring it all, including some of their most honest sentiments.

This second collection also marks our evolution from the fundamental genderless White Tees of the first outing by introducing new notions to the TPE universe. We have taken two staple items popularized throughout the 1960s and 70s: the A-line skirt and the flare trousers, and put our own graphic spin on them.

Authenticity and audacity are what we embrace. And if you dare to do so, then wear it.


FALL 2016

Fashion, to us, is more than trendy clothing. It is not all about instant wants or needs, but more likely about building and making a good use out of a long-lasting wardrobe. In the pace of fast fashion, the reissue of vintage clothing is part of the answer for sustainability.

Therefore, we are honoured to dedicate this collection to the potentiality and poetry of pre-owned clothes by reinventing them into something unique whilst preserving their originality.

Constituted of only 6 distinctive designs of raincoats and windbreakers, we hope this selection will keep you dry and warm when the northeast monsoon hits the town.


FALL 2016

“National Treasures” is TPE’s first Capsule collection, focusing solely on the ultimate go-to clothing item that can never go wrong when it comes to comfort and versatility: the White Tee Shirt.

“Cao Sao Vàng", “Diêm Thống Nhất” and “Petrolimex" have been Vietnamese household brands, which play important parts in one and every 80s- and early 90s-born Vietnamese’ daily life. And like long-standing brands such as Castrol or Colgate, they all are well acknowledged yet rarely praised.

As a tribute to these honorable treasures, we are proud to put their iconic logos in motion, being on your everyday White Tee to accompany you everywhere.